Thursday, September 28, 2006

I wanna see Jennifer Baichwal's film


The film is called Manufactured Landscapes, and it won the Best Canadian Feature Film Award at the Toronto International Film Festival about two weeks ago. And is unlikely to be seen at the Montreal Festival of Films on Art because they do not accept digital films. All this to say that it is the subject of a rather long article (almost 1,200 words) by Katrina Onstad.

It's for the most part a nicely done article (a pleasant surprise from the CBC) but there are some small bits of weirdness within. Ms. Onstad has obviously never heard of Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, or Gregory Crewdson or else she never would have written the line 'While the landscape photograph, a hotel-art staple, is hardly in vogue...' because it is in Vogue (it also is in ArtForum, Flash Art, and a whack of museums - tee hee!).

And how does one have a 'wide handshake?' Does she really mean that Ed Burtynsky has ginormous hands? Or something else? And as Mr. Burtynsky is 'obsessed with this idea of where do all the computers go to die?' I would venture a guess that his next photo shoot takes him to the Philippines.

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