Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Henry Lehmann's memory and research skills are lacking


I, too like the fact that there is a new gallery in town. Actually, to be completely honest I adore the fact that there are something like a dozen new galleries in town. However that does not excuse Mr. Lehmann from completely and untterly disrespecting Galerie Vox, Dazibao, and while I'm at it Mois de La Photo? Or to be explicit, in this article Mr. Lehmann writes 'Montreal was without a gallery specializing in photography.' And I'm certain that the fine folk who ran the BloWup Photo Gallery from approximately 2003 until 2005 would have loved to have received such a glowing review from Mr. Lehmann. Despite what he writes about photo-based installations, Dazibao's mandate states 'Dazibao is an artist-run centre dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary photography.' Galerie Vox's states 'The questions VOX is concerned with emerge from photography and extend into the culture of the image today.' If he is shaving things that finely, then how about a nice soliloquy on the lack of a watercolor painting gallery here in Montreal? Or perhaps Montreal desperately needs an abstract stainless steel sculpture gallery?

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