Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy happy Joy joy mad props and shout outs to Pierre and Nimette Habib & Lois and Stanley Tucker


Between the two couples this company called Healing Art Environments projects received $40,000 to make three murals at the children's hospital here in Montreal. This article in Monday's Gazette gives all the details. And while I find it all nice and hunky dory - smiles and giggles that the gravely ill children at the hospital are going to be able to have their lives brightened by putting some colored paint on the walls - I find it thoroughly and totally irresponsible that Nina Favata herself will be pocketing most (if not all) of the cash.

From a quick search, I would guess that she is the owner of Nina Favata Creations.
Has made this poster, and is the person referred to in this article, and this article.

But the one that describes it best is this article, the applicable quote:
MCH nurse Della Rous talks about painted murals on the 10D Parent Waiting Room with modesty. She explains, "I took a painting course and came in on my days off complete the mural. It took about 2 months to finish, but I really wanted it to appeal to the parents. I'm willing to continue on this work, but I hope others are encouraged to do the same."
So, if I understand this correctly, a nurse pays for art courses out of her own pocket and then on her days off paints a mural for the sick children, while Nina Favata collects $40,000 to do the same? Those better be some pretty gosh darn big murals, because you can buy a whole heck of a lot of paint for $40,000.

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