Friday, September 08, 2006

Diane Borsato & the National Bank


Obviously I'm in a crotchety mood this morning. otherwise why would I ask how this 'performance' by Diane Borsato difers from this advertising campaign by the National Bank (no cracks about tennis being different from the tango). Then on top of that, those pictures of Ms. Borsato and some other guy dancing sure as shootin' do not look like they are doing the tango, and if it is already being planned, there is absolutely no freakin' way that they could be 'dancing spontaneously.' And finally, since I have a bee in my bonnet about curating, what exactly is Kim Simon doing that he (or she) can call herself a 'curator' of the event?

Oops, just one more. No matter how hard Ms. Borsato and Mr. or Ms. Simon try, they will never be as good as ImprovEverywhere. Just to be clear. I absolutely hate it when visual artists do something sloppy and amateur in a profession that they have no training. If Ms. Borsato had gone to the National Theatre School (or even had a small part in some play in High School) I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that How to respond to an emergency would be 63% better.

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