Saturday, September 09, 2006

21+ views every day


Given the tiny amount of people who I would think are interested in what is happening here at Zeke's Gallery. I am quite pleased that since I started posting the videos there have been an average of 21.13 views per day for more than 100 days. Or in slightly less tortured language, 2.261 views.
  1. Ben Hammond Live at Zeke's Gallery - 6.57/day or 151 total
  2. The Missive, a film by Jarred Coxford - 5.77/day or 410
  3. Publicity Stunt a film by Scott Lutes - 5.08/day or 183
  4. The Exchange Project by Scott Lutes - 4.66/day or 205
  5. GorePuter Live at Zeke's Gallery - 4.27/day or 337
  6. Michael V. Smith reading at Zeke's Gallery - 2.82/day or 302
  7. Jennica Harper reading at Zeke's Gallery - 2.26/day or 242
  8. Tricia McDaid, A Heart Full of Buckshot, the interviews - 2.16/day or 201
  9. Elizabeth Bachinsky reading at Zeke's Gallery - 1.62/day or 173
  10. Chris Hand interviewing Nancy Nesbit - 1.3/day or 57

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