Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wanna give Katherine Crum $350?


She organizing something called The Directors Forum. Basically it looks to me, like a bunch of medium sized museum administrators get to use their expense accounts to visit New York City, and call it work. Last I heard there weren't many medium sized museums who had all that much excess cash. Add in $200/night hotels, $100/day to eat, and we're talking a minimum of $1,250. All for the opportunity to listen to a woman who advertises for exhibits on the internet talk about increasing the size of an audience. (I've also just written to them asking what annual attendance has been for the past four years - if I get a response, I'll post it here). Personally I still think that this conference is the one to be at.

[update, 3:00 PM: I just heard from Amy Kleinert, SBRMA Marketing Manager that attendance is "Approx. 50,000 annually." So it doesn't sound like it is increasing, I wonder what they are going to talk about.]

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