Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The things I learn...


I take back a tiny bit of the nastiness I showed to the Ministry of Heritage Canada yesterday. Because I discovered that they are giving The Robert McLaughlin Gallery $5,100 in order to pay the Musee des beaux Arts du Quebec to exhibit 43 paintings and drawings by Antoine Plamondon.

I initially thought that it was going to replace the Rita Letendre exhibit (scroll down slightly) that they had been showing for the past year. But as it is only going to be hanging around Oshawa for a couple of months, it is obviously replacing something else. But this is a long drawn out means to say that I downloaded the catalog for the Rita Letendre show [pdf alert], and in it there is a picture of her, and all I can say is; "Yes, her paintings are wicked cool, but I didn't know how babe-alicious she was." If anybody feels like introducing me to her, I would be forever grateful.

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