Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A tale of two conferences


First off there's something called City Art Technology co-hosted by Champ Libre and Parachute magazine, it costs $75, and of the 13 speakers worthy of receiving a bio, 46% of them are locals. I'm not so certain I would agree with them that it was an international symposium, but whatever... Second off the Symposium on Contemporary Canadian Art. 50% of the speakers are from out of town, %50% are from other parts of Canada (notice how there is no 'international' in any part of the title) and it only costs $25.

Don't even get me started on the titles of the talks... the Champ Libre/Parachute one has something called The Sensitive City, but somehow they forgot that the CCA has been running, for a full year an exhibit called "Sense of the City" and it appears that no one from the CCA was invited. The MBAM on the other hand has a talk called "Moving into the 21st Century: Curating and Collecting Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada" and it will be given by Kitty Scott, Curator of Contemporary Art, The National Gallery of Canada.

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