Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quebec in the New Yorker, kinda, sorta, maybe


Back when I was merely a blogette, and had written only a couple of thousand words, Alex Ross' blog, The Rest is Noise was daily reading. As I wrote more and more words, it got relegated to once/week status, and then once/month status. Nothing wrong with the blog, or Mr. Ross, more due to changes in my priorities. So I found it wicked cool when I was reading The Rest Is Noise this month (which is made very easy, because Mr Ross is sprinting to finish his book, so the blog is, shall we say, sparse). And he linked to what he called an "5) Amazing YouTube video of Alvin Lucier's Music for Solo Performer." So I clicked. And boy oh boy was I surprised to find out that in fact it was a performance by Maxime Rioux that had been videotaped by C├ęsar Saez, or in slightly plainer language two local Montreal artists. Mad props and shout outs to both of them for blipping on the radar of one of the best writers out there.

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