Tuesday, August 08, 2006



I recently signed up to MuseumBlogs.org and discovered that this here blog is pretty gosh darn old in comparison to other museum blogs. I then went through the list ('cuz there are 60+ blogs listed) and some of them are 'museum related' and realized that there still aren't all that many blogs from real live museums with buildings, non-profit status, and art exhibitions. By my count, not even a dozen, including this one.
  1. American University Museum at the Katzen
  2. Museums Australia Education Group
  3. Victoria and Albert Museum
  4. Smithsonian American Art Museum
  5. Goldwell Open Air Museum
  6. Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
  7. Mendel Art Gallery
  8. National Museums Liverpool
  9. The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts/Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
  10. The Walker Art Center
Although my favorite of the 'related' has got to be this one.

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