Monday, August 14, 2006

More on how bad the CBC is


There's this article which attempts to show how "Marc Galipeau's paintings will be displayed at the prestigious Caroussel of the Louvre during a show this December." Except that the Caroussel of the Louvre is not prestigous, because it is a shopping mall. I wonder if TV5 calls an exhibition at the Galeries d'Anjou 'prestigious?"

[update 3:30 pm: I am guilty of a mistake as well, the Carousel du Louvre is not a shopping mall, it is in fact a convention center. And as far as I can tell, Marie-France-Lou Lemay wrote an article for La Voix de la Est that was completely correct, it got picked up by Presse Canadienne because it is a slow news day, which then got translated by Canadian Press (badly) which led to the CBC article embellished as only the CBC can do, and then broadcast nationally as part of the Arts Report.]

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