Monday, August 21, 2006

Le Devoir ain't Sherlock Holmes when it comes to art


I don't know if you've been under a rock, but just about everybody and their mother has picked up on the story of the National Gallery of Canada returning a painting by Vuillard in oder to make a French family wealthier (ok, that last little bit was my commentary).

Well as you can see, the press release got sent out on Friday the 18th of August. Apparently around noon. Well on Saturday the 19th of August, Le Devoir published a article about a guy who does the research to 'return' paintings stolen by the Nazis to the poor and destitute offspring who are still alive. No mention, not even once of Vuillard or the National Gallery (not even the 'galerie nationale'). And while I've heard rumor that Le Devoir has an early deadline, I refuse to believe that it is before noon the day previous.

The situation was made even worse, when the sidebar article about Montreal art that had been looted by the Nazis failed to mention Vuillard or the National Gallery either.

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