Wednesday, August 02, 2006

James Adams falls for it hook line and sinker


Yesterday, Mr. Adams wrote an article about the ongoing court battles between Andrew Federer, his siblings and the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice. In the article Mr. Adams writes '"It's not a terribly valuable painting," Federer observed, "so the deal probably was, 'Let's throw them a bone, give them that one back.' " (A Czech news agency placed its value in 2004 at $15,000.)' Unfortunately he forgets to do the math, 20 times $15,000 does become an awful lot of money. And then on top of it, Mr. Adams forgets to ask Mr. Federer what he wants to do with the 21 paintings he claims are his. My guess would be, since he is an 'investment banker,' that he wants to sell them. Personally I think having paintings in a museum, where they are and where they can be seen by the public is a really good idea. Ripping them out of a musem in order to sell them so that they can hang on someone's living room wall is not such a hot idea.

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