Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1,151!! The video statistics for the month of July


Well it seems to be working, if you haven't noticed, with the amazing help (ie the photography, the editing, the directing, and the putting up with me) of Scott Lutes, I have been able to post videos of things that have happened here at Zeke's Gallery, such as The Exchange Project, a film by Scott Lutes. They have been posted to a bunch of different places such as Google Video, iFilm, Ourmedia.org, Blip.tv, MySpace, and YouTube.

If you are at all interested, according to these various websites, the six videos that have been posted have beeen viewed a total of 1,151 times! For an average of 165 views of each one. Not bad for some fairly esoteric material, if I can say so myself. The breakdown is below:
  1. The Missive, a film by Jarred Coxford - viewed 358 times
  2. GorePuter Live at Zeke's Gallery - 195
  3. Michael V. Smith reading at Zeke's Gallery - 178
  4. Jennica Harper reading at Zeke's Gallery - 149
  5. Tricia McDaid, A Heart Full of Buckshot, the interviews - 118
  6. Elizabeth Bachinsky reading at Zeke's Gallery - 112
  7. Nancy Nisbet's Exchange Project a film by Scott Lutes - 41 (in three days, looks like we have another winner)
Thanks to everyone who has seen them already, and by all means, please tell anyone you think might be interested that they should watch them too!

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