Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is what is wrong with arts reporting in Canada


I'm certain that by now you've heard that the Neue Gallery in New York wanted to charge $50 to see the most expensive painting ever. You might not have heard that they changed their mind, and are only charging $15 (their normal price). The reason I say might, is that the National Post decided to only print a story about the $50 ticket and not the change of mind. Same with Le Devoir, and La Presse. The Gazette didn't even think the $50 price was newsworthy.

Now I realize that there are a bunch of other things that get taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to publish an article, but I do think that in this case a follow up would have been appropriate. If your readership is interested in Klimt paintings on Tuesday, I would guess that your readership is interested in Klimt paintings on Wednesday.

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