Friday, July 28, 2006

Socket socks it to me!


Earlier this week I wrote about the radio program hosted by Angela Antle that can be heard Saturday's at 4, and Wednesday's at 11:30 (when I listen). Given what I thought about the CBC's coverage of the arts, I was expecting to dislike it, figured it was going to a bunch of claptrap and nonsense, in short a waste of 1,800 seconds.

Boy was I wrong.

Ms. Antle and Ramona Dearing did a wonderful job presenting Contemporary Canadian Art in an informative and engaging manner. Not only is Socket entertaining (tough for me to write those words) but they treat their subjects with just the right combination of irreverence and inquiry. I only have two minor quibbles. A) the music they play in between interview segments would be better if it weren't there (but I'm not listening to the show for the bumpers) and B) I would have prefered that the interviews with the artists proceed from beginning to end, instead of being cut up into smaller segments and then dispersed throughout the show.

I'm looking forward to the next show; 124 hours and counting. Especially since Emily Vey Duke rocks like nobody's business.

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