Thursday, July 06, 2006

Once again the city doesn't know diddly


There's this article in today's Le Devoir, that is a re-write of this press release from the city, right down to the quote (good journalism there, eh?) and they tout the new Roadsworth© project.

Unfortunately what Benoit Labonté and Karim Boulos missed, if that while the 1% reduction of the GST could fund public art to the tune of $30,000. Had they decided to call it MegaBloks-ism, or PicoCricket-ism, I'm fairly certain that they could have funded public art in the city for an awful lot more than $30,000. Nothing like a city councilor knowing what toy companies are in town, and which companies are Danish.

And lastly, of the $30,000, I wonder how much Mr. Gibson got, and if it was his decision to endorse Lego, or someone else's bright idea?

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