Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alexandra Shimo jumps on the bandwagon


I was sorta busy yesterday, hence my tardiness in reading this article by Ms. Shimo about David Altmejd. Some nice juicy gossip (he's got friends in New York, his mom teaches at UQAM, etc) and your standard issue quotes. Louise Dery says "He is able to create something we have never seen before." Good thing, eh? Otherwise he would be accused of being unoriginal, or worse a plagarist. Mr. Altmejd is quoted as saying "I make decisions in my art based on my intuition." Or in plainer language, he makes it up as he goes along based on what materials he has on hand. Nothing is completely thought out beforehand. Sorta like how I write this here blog. But, I don't quite understand how one exhibits in a collection (bad editing I think).

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