Tuesday, June 06, 2006

These guys are stupid


I got an email from a friend about some sort of petition. Normally I delete those suckers before I even have time to read three words. This time however, there were other things happening - I ended up reading the whole gosh darn sucker. After reading it, I got one question: Your press release is licensed in such a way that I gotta give them credit, I can't make a stinkin' cent off of it, AND I can't change it. Geez! if I wanted to work with Disney it would've been easier by a mile.

But they somehow are trying to make copyright laws here in Canada better? No, whomever they is, they is stoopid.

[update June 7: Maybe they aren't so stoopid after all, I went back over the site this morning, and all references to Creative Commons Licensing has been removed. Maybe it was ll a bad dream.]

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