Monday, June 19, 2006

The primacy of perception in the Montreal Gazette


The fine folk at the Gazette barely give any space to local, provincial or national art, so I find it extremely interesting that they choose to editorializing about the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly. As they are the Montreal Gazette, I do think that if they were going to do an editorial about contemporary art that they should have at least given lip service to something local. Like, say the Métis-sur-Montréal or Artefact Montréal, or the Montreal Arts Council's Design Competition. Or maybe someone besides myself started to read what they have printed about contemporary art in the past, and that is why they came up with this, rather nice line; 'expostulations on junk art, found art and the primacy of perception (rather than the artist's intention) are the stock in trade of art criticism' is a great line.'

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