Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's back to normal at the Gazette


I wonder if Montreal is a 'cutting edge' sorta city because the Gazette writes the words 'cutting edge,' or if it is a case of the Gazette not being able to identify cutting edge if it was covered in band-aids. [If you're interested, the Gazette has used the term 'cutting edge' 71 times in the past 30 days - including twice today.] One of those articles is by Alana Coates and is about the Hexagram Institute for Research in Media Arts, and it would have been written better is it had been written by Jennifer Campbell, the society columnist.

Somehow Ms. Coates missed the fact that the reason the 'projects created at the Hexagram Institute for Research in Media Arts and Technologies were on display at Concordia University yesterday' was as part of a fundraiser, costing $250/person, and that only $125 of that ends up in Hexagram's bank account. She also missed that they landed over $800,000 from the Canadian Government, and that in fact it has nothing really to do with Art, or as the Honourable Michael Fortier is quoted as saying, the money is going towards 'new computer technologies, communications and media.'

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