Monday, May 15, 2006

Save the Long Haul


I'm number 173 on the list. I'm never a big fan of petitions, but as it is what Vanessa & John have started, I figure I should follow their desires.

In a nutshell, it states:
"We the undersigned wish to express our most heartfelt dismay to plans by you, the owners of 450-454 Beaumont Avenue in Montreal to effect construction that will cripple or kill The Long Haul artists’ organization located therein. The Long Haul serves as an important locus of art production in the Montreal community for artists who depend on a quality affordable space to produce in. Additionally, the physical spaces of the Long Haul have hosted many cultural events ranging from group and solo shows (at no cost to the artist) to puppet shows, activist meetings, cultural lectures, and fundraising events for other organizations. The loss of the Long Haul would displace many worthy artists, and rob our community of yet another means to help us help each other.

We respectfully ask the landowners to consider the work and cultural identity that artists in The Long Haul painstakingly forge every day, and the role The Long Haul has played for the last five years in the world at large. Please, join us for the long haul!
If you agree with them, you can sign it here.

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