Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Keep your eyes open


Over the weekend Karen Bailey, Kevin Bertram, Gail Bourgeois, Lynda Cronin, Katsumi Idogawa, Jean Jewer, Cynthia O' Brien, Karina Kraenzle, Tami Galili-Ellis, Ron Whate, Deb Moriarty, Erin Robertson, and Jeff Stellick had a whole whack of their art stolen from the Blink Gallery in Ottawa.

According to this story in the Ottawa Citizen, it sounds like someone should make a movie out of it, after all The Thomas Crowne Affair has already been redone. If I can be so bold as to suggest to the artists that you post pictures of the missing artwork (all 40 pieces) on the website, your own websites, flikr, Google Base, Craigslist and every other darn place you can think of.

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