Monday, May 29, 2006

Hey! Paul ain't it supposed to be about the Paintings?


Paul Gessell, the art critic for the Ottawa Citizen, writes a book review about the latest show that will be going up at the National Gallery. What I don't understand, is why he's complaining, if as he writes; "At least four books this year alone are being published." Personally, I prefer to read 'new' things, rather than rehash the same old, same old. I find it quite telling that he doesn't say a single word about the paintings, given the Canadian habit of not mentioning things which aren't considered good, I'd like to read what he thinks of Ms. Carr's work, especially since I wasn't reading his column 16 years ago when the last Emily Carr show rolled into Ottawa. For those with short attention spans, the Carr Roadshow will be rolling into Montreal next summer.

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