Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good and Great ideas using contemporary art


These two have been hanging out for a while, but good deeds deserve to be noted. Apologies for the delay.

1. Awareness through A.R.T. (Artists Rallying Together) and the article about it that caught my attention. In doing some background research, it appears that the program cost Ontario taxpayers $37,700/year. For that money, they got five exhibitions and four workshops, or roughly $8,000/event. A little bit high, but given the feel goodness level of each event, and the sheer numbers of participants, I'd be willing to cut it some slack.

2. And this one that rocks likes nobody's business; the Artreach Nova Scotia press release, and the Artreach Nova Scotia Web Site. I actually spoke with Willie Reid, who is the coordinator, and she told me that each exhibit cost about $3,000. Now you can't beat that anywhere, anyhow, at anytime. For those too lazy to click, a touring exhibition of contemporary Canadian art going to schools in the nether reaches of Nova Scotia for less money than what I imagine Pierre Theberge makes in a week.

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