Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alan Hustak impersonating Henry Lehmann? I don't think so.


I got a list, right here, of over 800 places in Montreal that show contemporary art on a regular basis. And I'm always happy to see contemporary art written about in mainstream publications, like the Gazette. But today's article by Alan Hustak is pretty much useless claptrap and nonsense that is only going to anger and enrage the people involved in running the other 799 places in Montreal that show contemporary art on a regular basis, and succeed in proving to most of the other readers of the Gazette how unprofessional the writing at the newspaper has become.

A) The Avmor collection was written about (if I remember correctly) by Mr. Hustak less than a year and a half ago in the Gazette. What about the other private art collections in Montreal, do they get written up once every 18 months?
B) If it is an article about contemporary art, then why is it not in the Arts & Life section of the newspaper? If it is not about contemporary art, then why the focus on objects in frames?
C) Why does Mr. Hustak ask Mr. Morrow if the objects made by Mr. Morrow are art? Remind me next time I see him, to ask Mr. Hustak for a detailed analysis of the migratory patterns of the Monarch butterfly. Mr. Morrow manufactures soap, Mr. Morrow collects art. He'd get a better answer from Mr. Morrow is he had asked "But, is it soap?"
D) Today is Tuesday, the exhibit opens next Sunday, normally the Gazette runs previews of show the day before they open, why the rush this time?
E) Normally the exhibits that the Gazette previews, get reviewed by Henry Lehmann (their art critic) the first Saturday after the show has opened. I'm keeping an eye on what Mr. Lehmann writes the 3rd of June.

And when you have a chance, please go see the Avmor collection - it rocks!

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