Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yo JD! I know you can do better


A friend of mine J.D. Gravenor got an article published in today's Montreal Gazette. Somebody thought that the Gazette needed something about art classes in high schools in Montreal, nice enough. But JD muddies the water by mentioning the Dollard Art Centre, the Visual Art Centre, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Summit School.

I certainly hope that in the print edition that the Gazette was more comprehensive as I can come up with another two dozen places that the under 18 crowd can learn art skills without getting out of bed. And I'm fairly confident that the people who work at those 24 places are not too happy that they got left out of the article. Or I hope that the editor at the Gazette who comissioned the article is savvy enough to run some red pencil through Mr. Gravenor's next submission - an article focusing on one specific art teacher would have been way more informative, interesting and entertaining.

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