Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody else Diesel Jeans spent way too much money on this!!


Following up on this post, I discovered that Steven Shearer is one lucky guy... I would love it if I could get $10,000 any money for making this billboard. And for those who wonder Ms. Ohlraun is the Visual Arts Cutural Attache at the Canadian Embassy in Germany. [please see the April 22 update, below]

Poem by Steven Shearer
Originally uploaded by ___scarletfever.

[Update April 13: Since some people have seen fit to type some useless comments, I figure I should make myself very clear. Mr. Shearer wrote that his piece "Poem" is "a textual mélange ... of the lyrics of obscure rock songs and titles of death metal classics and presents them as white-on-black posters." I've done some research and as far as I can tell none of the first 6 lines of this piece are in any way shape or form a death metal classic.

Voiceless Altars of Flesh - Band name Altars of Flesh, no song or CD called "voiceless." Not a Death Metal Classic.
Nailed in Unholy Misery - haven't been able to find anything, Not a Death Metal Classic.
Centuries in Decomposition - Band named Pathologist, Album: Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems [1994] song named Putrescence first line is " Decomposition over many years." Not a Death Metal Classic.
Spawn of Azagtoth - Morbid Angel has a guitarist named Trey Azagoth (George Emmanuel III) there's a song named Hellspawn: The Rebirth on their album Formulas Fatal To The Flesh. Might be considered a Death Metal Classic but it is a very long stretch.
Scatophagous Godfather - Two bands named Scatophagus (no "o") neither one a Death Metal Classic.
Epoch of Disfigured Unlight - There's a band called Epoch of Unlight from Tenessee but they are not a Death Metal Classic.

If anyone can find me the songs from which these lines came from, I'd be more than happy to discuss whether or not they are Death Metal Classics, but for the time being Mr. Shearer's explanation of his work is a whole lot of claptrap and nonsense.

[Update April 20: I was just informed by Ms. Ohlraun, that she did not approve the spending of the money to get Mr. Shearer's piece in the Berlin Biennale. I have asked her who did fund it, and as soon as I have a response I will update this post again.]

[Update April 22: I think I just got it, and I owe Ms. Ohlraun a big, humongous and sincere apology - I made a mistake about you having anything to do with Steven Shearer's art. I'm still not quite clear as to how much or how it got in the Berlin Beinnale, but as you can clearly see here:

Diesel Wall
Originally uploaded by mitue.
(click through in order to get the biggest version) it is an advertisement for Diesel Jeans, I don't know if he won their Diesel Walls competition (and I certainly hope he didn't) but I'm slowly getting closer to the bottom of this mystery.

[Update May 9: Please read this]

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