Monday, April 10, 2006

Nicolas Baier meet Kara Walker


OK, which museum has the longer lead time? The Musée des Beaux Arts here in Montreal? Or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? I dunno either, but I do know which one is bigger.

Well, while everyone here in town has been going gaga, wild and real excited, like over Nicolas Baier's incursion into the museum (including I might add while wiping some drool off my chin, myself) and then tripping over each other in order to prove how hip and with it they are by making all sorts of allusions to Banksy. They all seem to have missed the Kara Walker show that got reviewed in the New York Times last month.

I'm not quite certain I like this concept of artists co mingling their work with work already in museums. If museums want to become democratic institutions, where's my ballot, so I can vote on what gets exhibited?

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