Saturday, April 22, 2006

More on Steven Shearer


Here at Diesel Wall 2006.
Here on the Roadrunner Records website.

I'd like to thank both sites an awful lot (tons, actually). On the Roadrunner records website, they mention the song titles that Mr. Shearer has used in his piece of art. And because of the Diesel Walls website I was able to figure out who paid for Mr. Shearer's work.

If you go and read the Roadrunner record page they write "titles by SATYRICON ("Filthgrinder"), CARCASS ("Exhume to Consume"), CADAVER ("Goat Father"), FEAR OF GOD ("Pneumatic Slaughter"), CRYPTOPSY ("Blasphemy Made Flesh")" and as far as I can tell Satyricon is a Black Metal band, not a death metal band and the song "Filthgrinder" while probably quite nice, I can't quite see anybody really calling it a classic. Carcass' Exhume to Consume strikes me as more grindcore than death metal (although I have been wrong before, and I will be wrong again). Cadaver might be the first Norwegian Death Metal band, but if GoatFather is such a classic, then why isn't it one of the four songs featured on Cadaver's MySpace web page? Fear of God is grindcore, not Death Metal. Pneumatic Slaughter might be a classic, but it would be a Grindcore classic.

But we can save the best for last, Cryptopsy are a local band (woo! hoo!) most definitely classic, legends and super amazing too. Despite my rooting for the homeboys, Mr. Shearer can't get this one right even if I served it to him on a silver freakin' platter! Cryptopsy doesn't have a song called Blasphemy Made Flesh.

And just to make it clear, Steven Shearer is the person who said "Poem" is "a textual mélange ... of the lyrics of obscure rock songs and titles of death metal classics and presents them as white-on-black posters," not me. And if you're going to say something about your art, it is assumed that you are telling the truth. I really really really dislike it when artists (or anybody else for that matter) takes advantage of people's naiveté. The art world wouldn't know Death Metal from Grime, Darkwave from Chimurenga if I gave them all the letters for free. Similarly metal fans (of all stripes) are unlikely to distinguish between utter crap like Mr. Shearer's work and the better stuff.

Then just because I can, this is what I would call good death metal art it is by Jay Heikes and he's in the Whitney Biennale.

[Update May 9: Please read this]

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