Sunday, April 16, 2006

I get letters


I am honored, thrilled and blushing right down to my toes. Reynold Reynolds actually reads this here blog! Woo-Hoo! For those of you not quite clear on the concept, on Tuesday, I wrote a post about the Berlin Biennale. My two comments were that A) Mr. Reynolds was being called a Canadian Artist, and that B) the real Canadian Artist was making bad art and not being truthful about what it was.

Well, it appears that Mr. Reynolds did not quite understand what I was saying or where I was coming from (understandable considering). He wrote to the guys organizing Cinema Abattoir, that "Well Chris your parents were so boring that they gave you a name that over 430 million on the earth have (or some translation all coming from Christ: ie: Christoph, Kris....Christian, Christina ... ..). Do you ever get your self mixed up with all the other people that also have your boring name?" Point taken, and I apologize.

I was going for the easy belly laugh at someone else's expense. Mr. Reynolds is definitely entitled to at least one free shot. (Personally I would have prefered if he didn't bring my parents into it, but I'm not about to escalate the situation when I'm trying to make nice).

However, if there are mistakes out there, then it is not up to me to double and triple check them (which I did, hence the link to Roebling Hall where they wrote Mr Reynolds was Canadian & American and the link to the Berlin Beinnale's information about him where they did the same). I would respectfully suggest that it is the artist's responsibility to make sure that published information from reputable sources is correct by being verified by the artist before publication.

I'd like to thank Mr. Reynolds in advance for allowing the Cinema Abattoir guys to screen Burn, and hope that he continues reading this blog, so that he could better understand my "strange posts."

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