Sunday, April 30, 2006

"The greatest galleries of the world" - my eye!


On the Galerie de l'Isle's website, it is written:
Alain Moncade said:
« Many of my painters are represented in the greatest galleries of the world, that is a reassuring argument for a clientele made of private persons and large companies. A gallery director can of course, make a mistake, but many directors on as many continents, I don't think so! »
Alain Moncade is the head honcho in charge of Galerie de l'Isle.

The artists he exhibits are named Barraud, Briata, Cera-Potvin, Crocq, Deletoille, Denoël, Fablo, Frenay, Huchet, Kolasinski, Paquin-Frenette, Pivet, and Vernet-Bonfort. Not a single one is on the list of the top 45,250 artists on Artfacts.net. Using Pierre Pivet as an example, I'd like to know which galleries on his CV that M. Moncade thinks are the greatest. There is not a single gallery in Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, or Tokyo on it. And while I am certain that there are some really good galleries in Lansing, Michigan, I don't honestly believe that Dusty's English Inn would want to be called "one of the greatest galleries in the world."

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