Monday, March 06, 2006

Stuff Seen - Robert J. Lang



Normally when I go to the Redpath Museum, I'm the only non staff person within shouting distance. But this past weekend, the joint was jumping. There must've been at least a dozen people gawking at all the critters, creepy crawlers and other wicked cool animals made out of paper.

Apologies for the crappy pictures, but there was a well lit glass case in between me and the critters. The "critters" were all pieces of origami made by Robert J. Lang. On his website there are way better pictures.

I can remember making a swan out of one square of paper when I was knee high to a grasshopper, but here I was looking straight at an anatomically correct centepide. I have no clue how Dr. Lang has the patience to fold everything, and from what I've been told he does it all in his head first - yeah right, and there's a sanity clause, too!

The show's hanging out on the McGill campus until the 15th of March which means you have some time to catch it. And you got to, after all did you ever think that you'd be able to see the work of a full-time origami artist?

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