Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I wanna know what cologne Kelly Hill wears


First off, I gotta thank Eric Deis for bringing this nonsense to my attention, I didn't have time today to find out about Kelly Hill's latest sucker ploy for a slow news day. Second off, Eric does a way cool and superior job of analyzing the statistics than the Globe & Mail's hack flack of the day James Adams who seems to think that re-typing a humongous list of numbers will somehow impress someone, somewhere.

I wanna know, a) Is Kelly a guy or a girl? b) What prefume they wear? and c) Who at the Canada Council for the Arts, the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council thinks that Kelly's cologne is so wonderful that they continue funding nonsense like this.

Or maybe better still, where I can get me some of that smelly stuff. I think I could use the cash at least as much as Kelly could.

And then while I'm on a rant; the Canada Council requires that all recipients of a grant "prominently feature visible recognition of the Council's support in all materials, publications and programs of works or performances related to the grant." So why did the Globe and Mail publish "Its funders are Canada Council for the Arts, Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council" at the end of the article, unless someone felt that they were republishing a press release and were under a legal obligation to do so? Or do they always write stuff like that and I somehow missed the article where they listed all the people who coughed up cash for Lord of the Rings?

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