Monday, March 13, 2006

FIFA doesn't quite understand


Back at the end of February, I emailed the Festival international du film sur l'art a completed form requesting press credentials for the festival.

Last Thursday, with the flurry of activity about them in the press, I suddenly realized that I hadn't heard from them. So I called Sylvie Deslauriers to find out what was up. She told me to call the head office, they obviously had no clue as to what was happening, but I left a message. Then on Friday, I got a call from Julie Abran who asked me some questions that I had answered on the form (who did I write for, etc), she then put me on hold, and then hung up on me.

Guess like I won't be going to see any films at the Festival international du film sur l'art this year, eh? Note to other festivals, it isn't such a hot idea to hang up on anybody.

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