Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The CBC Radio World Report isn't great either


Long time readers know that I am not a big fan of the CBC's online arts coverage but this expands upon how bad their news coverage is, this morning I was listening to the World Report, their attempt at news, and this guy named Michael Colton comes on to "inform Canadians" about the Euphronios Krater and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A) The story is at least four months old, why are they broadcasting it today?
B) The only people Mr. Colton could get to be quotes for his report were some woman who lived in New York, and a retired curator (probably from the photography department, too).
C) Somehow he forgot to mention that the Met had come to an agreement with Italy about the Euphronios Krater.
D) He also forgot to mention the Getty, and their difficulties with Italian antiquities.

Normally I like it when real reporters cover art, but in this case I'd actually prefer if they got whoever did the weather or traffic to cover this story, they obviously would be a thousand times better.

[Update 6:15 pm: The version that ran on the World at Six was better, they mentioned the deal with Italy, and spoke about the Getty problems. The retired curator Mr. Colton got to speak, Oscar White Muscarella, is a Near East (Iraq) specialist, close but no cigar. If you'd like to listen click on this (RealAudio File] and fast forward to 19:20 Good until Thursday March 9 at about 6pm. ]

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