Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In answer to your question, Sarah...


I think I'm only going to read the first paragraphs of articles on Canadian artists published in Canadian newspapers from now on. After reading a bunch of them this week (see my entries below) I really can't see why there is any point to continue reading any further. In the latest case of absolutely brain dead writing (hey! Maybe if Ms. Milroy was in Quebec she could have been a automatiste?) Sarah Milroy starts her article in today's Globe and Mail with a question: "Who were the other native art stars in Canada that one could name, she asked, her pencil poised?" She then writes that the curator of the Brian Jungen exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery refused to name any, thereby leaving the question open.

Unfortunately, last Tuesday (exactly a week ago) they published this

A rather large article touting Norval Morrisseau as the 'original' native art star. Why leave the question open ended? Does Ms. Milroy (and all the other editors at the Globe & Mail) think that their readers have absolutely no memory? For the record the one's I can come up with in the five minutes I alloted myself were:
Jessie Oonark, who is dead thereby guaranteeing Art Star staus... Kenojuak Ashevak and Nadia Myre.

And as the Morriseau exhibit opened on the 3rd of February, and the Jungen exhibit opened on the 28th of January, I betcha dollars to doughnuts that Anselm Kiefer gets the big picture treatment next Tuesday, because today's newspaper looked like this...

Sorta similar in layout, eh? And just as an aside, how do you think they're going to work in the word "shaman" for Mr. Kiefer?

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