Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ex-Centris is weird


Last week I got an email from Layil at Massive Black, apparently they or she is trying to organize something here in Montreal for about 750 folk. In order to do so, they needed a space that could handle that many people at one time.

She told me that she had emailed Ex-Centris asking for details of how to go about renting the space. She also told me that she had not had a response. She asked me for help. As this was the second time that someone had told me they were not able to get in touch with Ex-Centris, I called up Mark Brennan, the only person I had ever spoken to there who could do anything. After I asked to leave a message his secretary told me he wasn't available (evidence of brain dead behavior #1) then asked me if I wanted to email him (evidence of brain dead behavior #2) and then when I repeated that I wanted to leave a message took my details.

Ten minutes later she called back, explaining that Mr. Brennan was still not available, but could I give he details? I said yes, proceeded to give her details and asked for Mr. Brennan to call me back when he was available. At which point I was getting annoyed because I had a couple of better things to do instead of talking to Mr. Brennan's secretary.

Ten minutes later someone else from Ex-Centris called me and asked for details, she then got rather defensive when explaining how everything was a-ok and that nobody had emailed her about rental of the space. How she would know this, I still can't figure out. And then while I'm scratching my head, I can't figure out why Mr. Brennan is scared to speak to me.

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