Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Assiniboia art gallery attracting a lot of attention, Yeah Right!


Back in August I wrote about Bill Shurniak's art gallery. Well, it appears that their press officer is earning their keep. There's a whole new article in today's Regina Leader Post touting that they have been averaging 50 visitors per day. Wow! [end sarcasm]

The "news" is that they have received 7,000 visitors. Slightly further down in the article they also make mention that there are 100 volunteers helping Mr. Shurniak. What I want to know, is that since I imagine they are using some sort of electronic counter to calculate the figures, is it possible that they accidentally counted the volunteers as visitors?

Because for the life of me, I can't imagine how a town with 2,500 residents, that is not even near the trans Canada highway is going to get 50 people per day just "dropping in because they were passing through." Saskatchewan Provincial Highway 2 at peak gets 1,200 vehicles per day [pdf alert] and the total going into Assiniboia is 1,930 vehicles/per day, it doesn't make sense to me that 3% of them would be going to an art gallery. Especially when Saskatoon has a population that is 100 times the size of Assiniboia, and the Mendel Art Gallery only receives 214,000 per year.

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