Friday, February 17, 2006

Agnes meet Dominique


Yesterday's small bit of news was that The Canada Council gave The Agnes Etherington Art Centre $20,000 to puchase these.

Or from a slightly different prespective $400 for each one of those doo-hickeys knitted to look like a mine. It's a good thing that land mines are small, imagine how much the Canada Council would have need to shell out if they had been sea mines?

But I digress, it is a very nice piece, even if it is incomplete, and I hope that there is some clause in the contract that allows Barb Hunt to increase the price of the 200 not-quite-made-yet pieces at least in line with inflation.

However, it is obvious to me that inflation or no, the Agnes Etherington Centre's collection of Canadian political fiber art is woefully incomplete, because Dominique Blain designed a persian carpet (and then had it made by victims of antipersonnel landmines, too!) that uses life sized images of landmines.

(Sorry about the bad formatting of the picture, someone at the Regina Gouger Miller Gallery decided it would be a great idea to have a large white border on the picture.)

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