Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stuff Seen - Victor Tolgesy



From the pamphlet handed out, it seems that Mr. Tolgesy and I would have been on the same wavelength. To quote:
During this time he becomes increasingly disillusioned with commercial art galleries and the "business" of art, while he argues against the criteria that government granting agencies use to judge the worth of established artists. He believes that at a certain level of artistic maturity, no one is better able to judge the work of an artist, than the artist himself. Furthermore he is disenchanted with what he sees as the academicism of art theory and analysis, which, he feels runs the risk of misrepresenting art to the public. He laments the ever-increasing gulf between art and the public, wishing instead for art to be more accessible on an emotional and human level.
Pity that I didn't like his art more. He started (and the exhibit hides in the back, upstairs) doing "simple figurative woodcarving" moved to "highly abstract, design-oriented metal sculpture" and finished with "colourful painted papier-mâché."

I liked the abstract stuff, stroked my chin while looking at the wood stuff, and rolled my eyes at the papier-mâché. It would also be fun to get Christina Tolgyesy together with Joyce Borenstein. Ms. Tolgyesy seems to be the driving force behind this retrospective in the same way that Ms. Borenstein is the driving force behind her father's retrospective. Perhaps I could suggest to Ms. Tolgyesy that she take up filmmaking.

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