Monday, January 23, 2006

Stuff Seen - BGL


Photo shamelessly lifted from the Art Mur website, thanks.


On Friday (it was a very busy weekend) got to Art Mur and saw BGL. Man-oh-man! Do they rock out like nobody's business. If the Moose (aka Venise) doesn't get you, then the walkers will. The accidented ATM and motorcycle added joyously and effortlessly to the smile that was on my face from the instant I walked in the door. Anybody who can figure out how to work a secret passageway using a revolving wall into an art exhibition is mighty fine in my books. And best of all it is up until the 18th if February. So you still got time to go see it again and again and again.

Taking nothing away from the grade, I would have preferred it if the Marche avec moi had not been a series of seven objects that had to be sold together, but individual pieces that could be sold separately, especially since images that they use don't show all seven, but just a few. $1,500 is something I can at least contemplate spending on a piece of art - having $10,000 in excess cash to spend on art is something I don't ever imagine I'll be able to do.

If they were a movie, this is the quote that would get pulled for the poster: I'd be hard pressed to name a better Quebecois artist (or artists) working today.

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