Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Selling out Canadians for $15,000


Jack Kapica writes this article from Monday's Globe & Mail (apologies for being slow, it has been the holiday season). Basically, his premise is that the woman who wants Liza Frulla's job is hosting a fundraiser, and this is bad. I agree with Mr. Kapica wholeheartedly. What Ms. Bulte likes, I don't. The only problem is that Ms. Frulla likes it too (and Mr. Kapica doesn't make that entirely clear) and I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that Paul Martin likes it too. Then upon searching further, I come across Michael Geist's blog, and the entry in Boing Boing both of which predate Mr. Kapica's column. All of which explain far better than I can, what is up (hence my coyness about the nefarious business, click on the links, hint, hint).

What I find wild and mind bendingly scary, is that it all can be done for really cheap. The fundraiser is being held at The Underground at the Drake. The Underground at the Drake can seat 60 people in "banquette format." 60 times $250 (the price of a ticket) is $15,000. Cheap by anybody's standards.

It appears to me that Daniel Small, ain't such a friend of culture as I previously would have thought - and his hotel/indie art gallery ain't indie and ain't someplace that I would recommend to stay or exhibit at even if you were my worst enemy.

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