Saturday, January 28, 2006

Peter Goddard is slipping


In today's Toronto Star there is an article about the Whitney Biennial. Mr. Goddard attempts to list all the Canadian artists taking part, going so far as to claim as Canadian Peter Doig, who was born in Edinburgh in 1959, then moved to Canada and then left Canada at the age of nineteen. He gets the easy names, Michael Snow, Rodney Graham and Christina Battle, but completely and thoroughly misses and overlooks Louise Bourque.

Note to Peter: You are a member of the press, when writing about stuff at the Whitney (and similar places) it always helps to talk to the Press Office. They are set up to handle stuff like this. I know for a fact, that they are extremely helpful.

Note to the National Gallery (it just ain't your week, is it?) Contrary to what it says on your "Meet the Artist page," Peter Doig did not move to Canada in 1960. His family moved to Trinidad & Tobago in 1960, and then moved to Canada in 1966. He moved to London in 1979, and then back to Trinidad & Tobago in 2002. If you want the scoop, check out his bio, here (pdf alert).

Note to everyone: Living in Canada for 13 years does not make a person Canadian.

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