Monday, January 16, 2006

Hugh's Room meet Zeke's Gallery


Hugh's Room, a very nice upscale joint for people who are older than me seems to have come around. I just learned that on January 20th and 21st, not only will David Francey be playing there (at a cost of $22, too!) but that he and his wife Beth Girdler will be exhibiting paintings that they did.

While I do not like $22 ticket prices, or $7 beers, I do have a soft spot in my heart for venues that attempt to do a variety of cultural things, especially those that include the visual arts, as I do here.

This then sparked a question on Maplepost (the place for the Canadian Folk Music Establishment) of who were the other folk musician/artists, which is a variation, albeit way more obscure, of something I posted slightly earlier, and I am shamelessly copy/pasting it here.

In no particular order:
Eileen McGann and her paintings.
William Laskin and his music.
Cathy Miller and her quilts.
Catherine Crowe and her music.
Soozi Schlanger and her paintings.
Amanda Walther and her art.
Alan Rhody and his sculpture.
Terry Golletz and his paintings.
David P. Smith and his art
B.A. Lampman and her art
Julie Fader and her art
Fred Eaglesmith and his art
Rick Fielding and his art
Herald Nix and his art
Pierre Schryer and his art
Paul Mills and his art
Kurt Swinghammer and his art
Rick Zolkower and his art
Kristen Sweetland and her art

And while I realize Don van Vliet isn't Canadian and doesn't play folk music, however he is my favorite musician/painter. And I know or have heard about the art of Mendelson Joe, Joni Mitchell, Murray McLauchlan, Ian Tyson and Buffy Sainte-Marie, but they don't need the extra publicity.

Then fianblly, if you want to look at it the other way around... try this fabulous list by Anna L. Conti.

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