Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The cool stuff at the Catherine the Great exhibit


As they point out in the press release, "the exhibition features more than 200 of the many treasures collected by the powerful and highly intelligent Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), arguably the eighteenth century's greatest art collector and patron." These are the objects that turned my crank.

Missed this the first time through, but it is sorta what I expected of the coach and other objects. Does anybody know what they mean by "polishing" being one of the materials?

This is a cool painting just because it is the one where the painter, Hackert, complained that he did not know what an explosion looked like. So Ms. the Great said to one of her admirals "blow up a ship for him, please." Actually, I can't imagine her using the word "please."

"What?! C'mon! gimme a break! Don't be chopping off my head! I get no respect around here... jeez!"

Sorta like being there, but not quite.

And then this one, is smaller than my hand.

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