Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Catherine the Great Press thing-y


The whatever you wan to call it, was quite the do. Especially for 10AM. I'd been to the Edwin Holgate press thing-y which had been held in the sme space, and as a consequence wasn't expecting much. For the Holgate exhibit, they had gotten maybe 30 people to show.

The spread was quite nice, again considering the hour of the day. You can see in the first picture, up top, that they had shelled out for floral arrangements on each table. While a nice touch, they took up space that I could have used for my clipboard or camera, or whatever. But it is still nice to see that for an exhibition about extravagance that the museum can itself be extravagant.

Of the three press thing-ys at the museum that I've been to, this was the first one where I noticed a serious camera contingent. I would imagine that there had been at the others, but I wasn't paying attention at the time.

And as you can see, the museum's press team did a bang up job of getting fannies in the seats. By my count there were over 100 people in attendance,

and as there was some pretty heavy duty individuals on the dais, I am certain that they were assured and comforted by such a large turnout.

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