Saturday, December 10, 2005

Wicked Cool Job


Now this has gotta be one of the cooler jobs I've ever heard about.

There is a nice interview with Robert Wittman who is the equivalent of Ed Platt in the FBI's Art Crime division, and a cool article about one of their cases, which uses lines like:
That meeting, which occurred three years ago, set the Hagensiekers on an unexpected adventure into the art world, where they've encountered intrigue and scandal, outsized egos and million-dollar deals; and a cast of characters who, according to court records, have triggered an investigation into the book by the Italian version of the FBI.
In looking for information about the Rapid Deployment National Art Crime Team (isn't that just the coolest name ever?) I also discovered the Douglas Art Prints blog which reveals yet a different type of case. And this wonderful website and this cool blog all of which go into way more detail about arcane things that don't ever appear above the surface. And finally, if you want to be thoroughly aware of Art Crimes, you might want to subscribe to this mailing list.

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