Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stuff Seen - Danilo Max Charles



Normally, after going to see art, we end up at some hotel bar. Always a nice easy way to sort through the acculumated paperwork, reflect on what we saw, and in general unwind after a tough day looking at art. Last week we got a double edged sword, at the hotel we chose there was a vernissage happening for Mr. Charles. (If you'd like to see what he was showing, click on this.) Double edged, because the hotel bar was exactly what we were looking for, however, we didn't expect to run into more art.

Danilo's stuff was not close to being standard issue hotel art. And while I really dug his process (using one really really large canvas and then cutting it up and stretching it as smaller pieces) it was his use of color that I particularly enjoyed, unfortunately not everything was as colorful as it could have been.

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