Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sandra Goldie is the new Tupperware


Knoll Christmas Party Invite

Last night I went to a Christmas party. "So what" I hear you say. Well, what made this one stand out was that it was a Christmas party for a office furniture company. What made it different was that as the invitation states, it was a "discover art evening." Basically, Sandra Goldie's gallery had, shall we say, placed 51 pieces of art around the office of this company. Then as each guest walked in, they were handed a $100 coupon good for any purchase at Sandra Goldie's gallery and a price list of all the art on display.

Interesting to say the least. I know that at least one piece sold, and I'm fairly certain that there were other sales as well. Basically, if you can't come to the art, the art will come to you. What I want to know is who paid for the party? A post modern variation on the Tupperware Party.

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